Jesse’s Hideout Paperback Virtual Signing

This Virtual Signing runs until April 30, 2017!

Welcome to the Paperback Virtual Signing for Jesse’s Hideout! Below you will find all of the trade paperback books available for purchase during this signing. Each book will be signed by me and personalized, if requested. Please read all instructions carefully and if you have any questions, feel free to contact my assistant Charlotte.

**Attention International Readers**

Due to the vast difference in charges when shipping internationally, we have set up a separate form for our international readers so that we can determine the correct shipping prices for each country. If you live outside the United States, please place your order here:

Jesse’s Hideout Virtual Signing International Form

After you sumbit your order you will receive a customized PayPal invoice from Charlotte and your books will be shipped once the invoice is paid. Sorry about the inconvenience!

*Please allow 6-8 weeks for International Delivery*

US Shipping & Handling Charges *Will be added at checkout*

$8 for 1 book, and $2 for each additional book **If you’d like to purchase 8 or more books please contact Charlotte for an adjusted shipping rate**

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for US delivery*

SPECIAL NOTE: This form may not work on mobile– please order using a computer. Thank you. 

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