Join me as I launch a new series in March!

I’ve been dying to show you the first cover in my new Contemporary Romance series! And here it is! My cover artist, Linda Kuhlmann at Two Trees Studio did a fabulous job, as always. I’ve never been able to say publicly who did the majority of my covers since 2011, but she finally retired from her day job last year and now I can!

The house on the cover is a real one in the very location mentioned in the story, Samuels, Kentucky. (All of the Bluegrass Spirits books will be set in Kentucky, by the way.) Although I’ve taken some poetic license with some of the facts, after touring the house for the first time in December (something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid and my dad told me “Jesse James used to hide out there” every time we drove by, which was often), I learned so many interesting stories and quirks about the house that I was thrilled to incorporate some of them in JESSE’S HIDEOUT. I know you’re going to enjoy Greg and Tillie’s story when it releases in the last half of March. (We’ve set up preorders at Apple, Kobo, and soon Nook for a March 28 release. Once I have the final edits done, we’ll be announcing Amazon links. Google Play will have it on release day. I reserve the right to release it early! All depends on how the next month of edits go!)

Description for JESSE’S HIDEOUT

When the spirits of an infamous outlaw and a cookie-baking grandmother team up to bring together two unlikely lovers, what could possibly go wrong?

These two meddlesome spirits aren’t the only souls hiding out in the haunted Jesse’s Hideout B&B in Kentucky. Tillie Hamilton has made the 180-year old house her sanctuary ever since its owner, a lonely old woman, rescued her from neglect when she was only eight-years-old.

When her benefactor’s grandson, Greg Buchanan, discovers that Tillie has been exploiting his grandmother’s memory by putting out cookbooks and advertisements claiming Gram haunts the house, he vows to debunk the innkeeper’s claims. Until he discovers that Tillie is not what he expected.

Greg has a hidden agenda of his own as he came here to prove that Jesse James returned to the house long after he was believed dead. But proving that theory without Tillie thinking he’s off his rock might be harder than he thought. Does the infamous outlaw and Gram have something brewing in the hideout—like finding a happily ever after for two workaholics who need each other?

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Bluegrass Spirits Facebook Group

If you want to follow me on the journey as I share insights and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the books in this series, I’ve set up a Facebook group. Just ask to join my Bluegrass Spirits (Kallypso Masters Series) group on Facebook and off we go!

I’m 19,000 words into book two in this series–KATE’S SECRET. So excited to have found my writing passion again after it took a hit last year. Of course, I’m not finished telling stories in the Rescue Me Saga or Rescue Me Saga Extras, AND I still need to channel Grant, Gunnar, and Patrick to tell their story after I introduced so much of it in ROAR. But, as always, I have to follow my characters, whichever is screaming the loudest in my ear, or I just spin my wheels.

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