KallypsoCon 2021: BDSM Romance

This year, the only way I would host an event in the midst of ever-increasing COVID numbers (yet again and especially in a COVID hot spot like Florida) is to require that ALL authors and ALL readers who attend be fully vaccinated. Therefore, at the time of registration, you’ll need to provide proof of at least the first shot in the vaccination process. (If only one dose is required, such as for Johnson & Johnson, then that’s the only shot you’ll need.) By the end of September, you’ll need to have obtained ALL required injections (e.g., two are required for Moderna and Pfizer; I’m not sure about other ones like Astra Zeneca). If you’ve had all shots by then, you’ll be fully vaccinated and able to attend the event. 

NO VACCINATION EXCEPTIONS (for allergies, health reasons, personal reasons, etc.). I need to be able to assure those who attend that they will only be attending with other vaccinated individuals. 

UNFORTUNATELY, if you do not or cannot provide proof of COVID vaccination(s) by the end of September, your registration fees will be fully refunded (minus any PayPal fees) and your spot will be offered to someone on the waiting list who CAN provide proof of complete vaccination at that time.

DISCLAIMER: Vaccinations won’t prevent any of us from contracting COVID, so each person needs to evaluate whether the risk to their health is worth it to them just in case they get a case that isn’t a mild or asymptomatic one. Remember that the restrictions on traveling to and from the event won’t be nearly as strict as they will be inside our meeting areas and our small-group bubbles. Kallypso Masters, LLC, the hotel, nor I will be responsible for anyone’s contracting COVID during this event. Please plan accordingly and take all precautions necessary to avoid contact with this dreadful virus. I’d rather see you come back at a future event than not to be alive to join us ever again!

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