KallypsoCon 2017

KallypsoCon 2017: Canada Bound
BDSM Romance Author-Reader Weekend
Book Signing Event

We’re sorry but all 100 KallypsoCon 2017: Canada Bound registrations have been purchased. Our waiting list is currently full as well. But we still have great news! The Saturday afternoon book signing event is (as always) FREE and open-to-the-public, so if you live within a reasonable driving distance of Burlington, ON then we invite you to join us from 2-5 p.m. on July 15 to meet the authors! All of the Featured Authors will be there!

As of right now we’re keeping the actual location of the book signing under wraps. To be the first to know the location when it’s announced please sign up to be on the KallypsoCon 2017: Canada Bound Book Signing Email Alert List.

If you’re on the waiting list for a registration ticket please remember to check your emails frequently. We’ve already had two cancellations and are on the fourth or fifth person on the list due to earlier ones not responding in a week’s time to take the spot or having their email bounce. Either will lose you your spot, folks. With 70+ on the list, you probably will not get a second chance.

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