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May 7, 2017

Thanks for checking in!

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I am about 75,000 words into Book 2 in the Bluegrass Spirits series—Kate’s Secret. My long-time fans as well as my new ones are going to enjoy this one. Travis Cooper is an Army vet who owns a construction company and is grieving the loss of his Army buddy who committed suicide. Kate, Travis’s college sweetheart, has a secret that’s going to turn him on his head. It’s set on a horse farm in Midway, Kentucky (Woodford County). In this one, the beloved spirits on the other side will be his buddy and her father who both have a need to make something right.

Right now, the book is in the process of being written and edited at the same time and in stages. I’m experimenting with a new process this year that will enable me, I hope, to release three full-length novels this year. I hope you’ll continue with me on this journey into exploring what the afterlife might look like and how our loved ones remain connected to us (even when we deny their existence/presence). I’m loving writing these small-town Contemporary Romance novels with their warm heat levels. Kate’s Secret is up for preorder now at Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo—reserve your copy here [LINK]. It’s scheduled to release everywhere (including Google Play) on July 12 at the absolute latest. If I think it’s ready before that, of course, I will put it out earlier. But barring any unforeseen circumstances, it won’t be any later then that date.

The paperback version will be available to order from my web site in July during the Virtual Signing. Secret will become available via Amazon and other sites in late July. I find that I need to allow a buffer between when it’s released in e-book and in print. I know a lot of you held off buying Jesse’s Hideout for when the second book came out in order to save on postage, so you can order both of those during the online signing at my web site in July. The books will be signed and mailed at the end of the month and in early August.

What’s coming after that? Well, while writing the last chapter of Kate’s Secret, I figured out who the couple in Book 3 will be. I have no idea when that will be ready because of my July and September travel schedule, but I’ll get as much done after Kate and Travis’s book is off to the formatter and before and after my trips. I’ve just never done well writing on the road because I want to see and do everything and not sit in a hotel room! But it looks like this couple will both have a strong connection to Travis, the hero in Kate’s Secret. The hero is Jackson, a fellow vet who manages Travis’s Nashville construction firm and lives in Southern Kentucky, and the heroine is yet to be named (I don’t want to lock myself in yet publicly!) and one of Travis’s triplet sisters. I’m still working on the details for this book but will share more in this space when I know more!

As part of my new process, I am writing just about every day. When one book is in edits, I work on the next one. I’ve only had once instance of calling the hero by the hero’s name in the other book. Lol I’m attempting to finish books faster this way but with the same high quality that my readers have come to expect in my books. I’ll never cut any corners there. Now I had better get back to work! Thanks for visiting my web site, and I hope you’ll check back later for more updates!

— Kally

2 thoughts on “In Progress

  1. Kally, I noticed you have a spinoff of the Rescue Me Saga starring Pamela Jeffreys, but no spinoff of the kids. Mind if I ask why not? Marisol grows up eventually as does Adam’s and Karla’s twins. I for one would look forward to seeing them all grown and what mischief they’ve gotten into! Now keep in mind I’ve still got 2 books to read as well as the Extra starring Luke and Cassie as well as Ryder and Megan, but I find myself unable to put your stories down!

    1. Maybe eventually. Pamela and Roar’s story only takes place three years after the current point that the Rescue Me Saga is at. Therefore Marisol still isn’t old enough for a spin off…yet! The Rescue Me Saga has not ended and will continue to go on as soon as I spread my creative wings a bit with my Contemporary series and the Black Ops Trilogy featuing Grant, Gunnar, and Adam’s half brother Patrick. Adam will get another book and who knows what else but I have a lot of stories left in me before we get to a point that Marisol is old enough to have a story of her own. Thanks for asking!

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