Masters At Arms & Nobody’s Angel

  • Publisher: Ka-Thunk! Publishing
  • Series: Rescue Me Saga, Book 1
  • ISBN-13: 9781941060001
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook and Paperback

Three men.
Three paths to recovery.
One unbreakable bond.

And one very hot club. …

So begins the Rescue Me Saga in the Masters at Arms introduction.

In Nobody’s Angel, private BDSM club co-owner Marc d’Alessio loves being in business with the men he served beside in the hell that was Iraq. Working at their club has its perks, but Marc keeps women at bay. He’s seen his fair share of danger, but women have proven to be hazardous to his heart.

But when he saves Angelina Giardano from a disastrous first encounter at his club, he can’t shake the attraction and desire he feels for her—even as she turns his lonely and safe world upside down. When Angelina’s past threatens to destroy her, Marc answers the silent call to arms—but can he be the angel she needs?

READY TO GET RESCUED? In the ongoing Rescue Me Saga, the reader will be swept into a world of honor, heroism, and romance. The books in this series are not stand-alone stories and should be read in numerical order, beginning with the Masters at Arms in this combined volume. Reader will connect with each hero and heroine and be able to see them return in book after book as the saga continues. Happily Ever After is only the beginning and other people will be introduced as they choose to join this growing family. Masters at Arms & Nobody’s Angel is available FREE in e-book form at this time and legitimate copies are available at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and ARe.


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From Chapter One of Nobody’s Angel:

Marc approached the fourth room on the right and stopped at the large window that gave DMs and voyeurs a vantage point over the scene inside the room.

Each of the theme rooms was set up with specific equipment. Some provided furniture and items that conjured up popular fantasies—the office, the medical examination room, the harem. He’d hired Luke Denton, now his Search and Rescue squad partner and the carpenter who helped renovate the club, to make the specialized BDSM equipment.

Room Eight focused on a number of spanking and whipping paraphernalia, including a spanking bench, a love seat, a sling, and the St. Andrew’s cross. A muscular Dom dressed in black leather vest and pants held a leather flogger. His sub was tied spread-eagle on the cross, naked except for the blindfold. Her long black hair hung in waves halfway down her back. Thankfully, her hair stopped short of the gorgeous curves of her ass.

Focus, man. You aren’t here to get off on the scene.

The blindfold impeded his ability to assess her condition. He switched on the intercom button to listen in. Her ass was red, and he heard her whimpers. Nothing out of the ordinary, except she was new to the BDSM scene and might not remember she could stop the scene if it went beyond her limits.


The flogger struck her upper thighs, a particularly painful place to strike a novice.

“Acckkkkk!” Her lower body arched against the cross in an effort to escape the lash of the leather strips.

“Stop your crying, bitch,” the blond man shouted at her.

Marc cringed at his tone. Was she into verbal abuse and humiliation? He’d monitor the scene a little longer and try to determine whether she was getting off on the scene. If not, maybe he’d take the inexperienced Dom aside and give him some suggestions for making the scene better for her. Perhaps the man would permit a demonstration on how to maximize her pleasure. Marc felt his cock come to life at the thought of working with this sub and her luscious curves. Merda. What was wrong with him tonight?


More red stripes appeared across her upper thighs.

“Ow! Stop! …enough.”

Marc couldn’t make out all of her words. He became more alert.

“Don’t top from the bottom, pain slut. You know you wanted to be punished. You made me wait so damned long.”

Marc cringed. She didn’t appear to love anything about the scene, unless her pleas and tears were part of her kink. Hell, it was hard to tell with someone he didn’t know. He needed to check in with her, though, to make sure she wanted to continue. Marc turned off the intercom and slowly opened the door, slipping inside without a sound and keeping his distance as he tried to further assess her condition. Wrapped up in his scene, the Dom didn’t even notice Marc. He delivered two more sharp blows, this time to each of her tender inner thighs.

Mio Dio! Stop!”

Italian? Well, shit.

Not taking time to analyze why that should make a difference to him as a DMS who wanted nothing to do with another sub, he motioned to get the Dom’s attention. Keeping his voice calm and low, he asked, “May I have a word with you a moment, Sir?” The man sighed heavily, but he had no choice but to obey a DM or DM supervisor. Not wanting the sub to overhear their conversation, Marc guided him to a corner of the room.

“I understand you’re both new to the club,” Marc whispered, “and I just wanted to make sure she understands about using her safeword.”

“She’s fine. She hasn’t used her safeword.” The Dom glanced away, making Marc suspicious as to whether he spoke the truth. “She just needs to get used to the flogger. This is her first time.”

Damn. Adam was right. The Dom was riding her awfully hard for a first experience.

Marc noticed her feet straining on tiptoe because of how high he’d cuffed her hands on the cross. She clenched her fingers open and closed, as if trying to restore circulation. “I just came on duty. How long has she been on the cross?”

He looked at his watch. “About an hour. We reserved the room for ninety minutes.”

Faccia di merda. This asshole was a real piece of…work.

“I need to check in with her before you can continue this scene. Then you might want to consider providing some aftercare during the rest of the time you have in here. It’s pretty hard for a first-timer to have her body stretched and beaten like that for such a long time.”

“She’s fine.” He ground the words out between his teeth. Now Marc understood why Adam was so worried about this couple. They’d both seen his type before. Thought he knew everything and wasn’t one to accept advice. Abusive to boot.

“Excuse me.” Marc left him and walked over to the woman. The rules forbade him from touching her without her Dom’s permission, unless and until he put an end to the scene. He couldn’t see her eyes, but the blindfold was soaked from her tears. She sobbed quietly. Was she in subspace? This could be serious for such a novice, but he couldn’t really tell for certain until he saw her eyes.

Turning around to the man, he asked, “Permission to remove the blindfold and evaluate her condition?”

“I guess so.”

Marc reached up and pushed the loosely tied sash up to her forehead. He stood in front of her face, wishing he could cup her chin and brush the tears away. Focus. What the fuck has gotten into you? Would she follow his command?

“This is the Dungeon Monitor Supervisor. Look at me.”

Her eyes remained closed as she mumbled incoherently. No response. Damn. She was in too deep. Health concerns trumped no-touching rules. He pulled the flashlight from his pocket and lifted each eyelid in turn. Pupils unresponsive.


“She’s in deep subspace. This scene is over.” Marc bent down and unbuckled her ankles as fast as possible.

“What’s deep subspace?”

Asshole bastard. Her Dom would be fucking clueless about how to bring her back down safely, even if Marc were willing to let him anywhere near her. Which he wasn’t.

He doubted these two would continue in the lifestyle together, but felt responsible for trying to explain the seriousness of this situation to Sir Asshole here, hoping to save the man’s next unfortunate partner from a similar fate where there might not be a DM with medic training nearby to rescue her.

Marc reached up to undo the clips that held her cuffed wrists to the cross. Her hands felt cold. As he worked to free her, he provided a lecture to the scumbag. “For whatever reason, she didn’t say her safeword when she reached her limit. Experienced submissives might have subspace as a goal, but she’s too new to scening for that. Her mind disassociated from the pain when she could stand it no longer.”

Turning his attention back to the now whimpering woman, Marc wished she’d had her first experience with a Dom who knew what the hell he was doing. With me.

Now, where had that thought come from?

“She agreed to this.” The Dom went on the defensive and walked over to the dark leather loveseat in the corner to pick up a piece of paper that looked like the club’s contract.

Sorry, Sir Asshole, but read the fine print about my right to shut your scene down.

After the last cuff clip was undone, she moaned as he lowered her right arm from its overstretched position. Her body collapsed into his waiting arms with a grunt, and he carried her to the loveseat.

Marc pulled an aftercare blanket from the nearby basket and wrapped her naked body in the microfiber cloth to quickly bring up her body’s temperature. He covered her full breasts as quickly as possible, quashing an errant desire to bend down and take one of the delectable peaks into his mouth.

Merda. He hadn’t been this attracted to a woman since…well, a very long time. Why the fuck did she have to be Italian?

Marc held her tightly against him. So soft. Her curves molded against his body. His breathing hitched as his cock sprung to attention without the use of his fist, a first in a long time.

Regaining some self-control, he continued his lesson for Sir Asshole. “Then the endorphins kicked in to the point where she could no longer engage her brain to make the decision to speak her safeword.” He glanced up at the man in time to watch him look away once more. Guilt? Maybe he should double check. “Did she use her safeword or safe gesture?”

The man didn’t meet his gaze. “Well, I’m not sure…”

Goddamned bastard ought to be flogged himself—but with a cat-o-nine tails instead.

Sir Asshole moved toward the loveseat. “Here, I should be doing that…”

When he reached down, as if to wrest her away, Marc growled. Remembering his role, he forced himself to speak in his calm DMS voice in no uncertain terms. “Don’t touch her. If you want to learn how to administer aftercare properly, watch.” But don’t think I’m letting you put your fucking hands on her again as long as I’m here to stop you.

“I still have thirty minutes reserved on the room!” he wailed, waving the contract in his hand.

Obviously, he had no concern for her welfare. There wouldn’t be any reasoning with the man—and no membership refund coming, either—but Marc really wanted to get rid of this asshole so he could focus on the woman. “Go discuss it with Master Adam.”

When the wannabe Dom puffed out his chest and stomped from the room, slamming the door behind him, Marc texted Adam and told him what had happened in here—and that he should kick the sonuvabitch out of the club and ban him for life. Looking around the room and not seeing any bottled water, Marc sent another message, asking Adam to send over a bottle. As an afterthought, he added, and a dark Hershey bar.”

Putting the phone beside him on the loveseat, he looked down at the gorgeous woman in his arms. Olive skin, dark hair. He remembered her eyes were a rich chocolate brown. Yeah, definitely Italian. His cock throbbed, surprising him yet again. He’d avoided Italian women for years. Too close to home. Too emotional. Too strong-willed.

Too much like Melissa.

Marc wiped away the hot tears still flowing from her eyes. “You did well, cara. Shhhh. Just rest now.” He kept his voice soft, soothing. Her body shook in response, or perhaps from chills. He pulled her head against his shoulder and laid his chin on the top of her head to keep more heat in her body. The scent of lavender surrounded him. “Shhhh. It’s over. You were so brave, cara,” he crooned.

He held her in his arms, for several minutes longer, savoring her weight in his lap, her delicious scent… Suddenly her mind and body reintegrated.

“Accckkkkkk!” The woman screamed and fought him, trying to pull away, to escape the pain, the blanket, him. The more she struggled, the more her back and ass would burn from the friction, so he took his hand and pressed her cheek against his chest to hold her still, but he wasn’t able to keep her arms and hands trapped inside the blanket.

He needed to break through to her. What name had Sir Asshole called her? Oh, yes.

“Angie, lie still. You’re safe now.” He used a firm Dom voice, hoping to engage the sub’s instinctive desire to please.

Her nipple beaded to a hard point against the underside of his forearm. She moaned—definitely not from pain this time.


Oh, shit.

The newbie sub was going to come. He’d seen long-time submissives reach orgasm in subspace without being touched at all. This one would probably need a little help, though. Hell, if she were his little sub, he wouldn’t hesitate to help her reach that level of satisfaction.

But she wasn’t his.

She grabbed his vest and moaned in frustration, tilting her hips upward as she sought release. His cock bobbed against her ass. Oh, hell. Why not? She’d earned some degree of pleasure after all the pain she’d suffered with Sir Asshole. Why not salvage something from the disaster that was probably her first scene? Maybe then she wouldn’t give up completely on exploring the submissive lifestyle with a responsible Dom someday.

With me.

Ignoring that stray and totally absurd thought, Marc’s hand slipped inside the blanket, seeking the folds of her pussy and what he knew would be an erect clit. She wouldn’t need much stimulation to fly apart for him.

No, he corrected himself. Not for him.

For her.

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