KallyMastersHi! I’m Kallypso Masters and I write deeply emotional, realistic stories of love, healing, and redemption. Each novel ends happily—because there’s enough uncertainty in life that I don’t want to leave you hanging. But the Rescue Me Saga is about people who have formed a family of choice, so they will recur in (read: butt into) each other books (and even spin-off series books) as they continue to work on issues of life, healing, and love.

There always seems to be a level of kink/BDSM in my books. Not necessarily characters who live and breathe the club scene several times a week, but more those who live the lifestyle on a day-to-day basis from one end of the spectrum to another. Even those who don’t enjoy reading kinky books have found these to be enjoyable, compelling page-turners, I think because the kink is not the main focus of the stories. I dig deeper into these people’s lives and emotional issues. I also use kink and any other methods available to help characters heal from the hurts of the world.

My books don’t have predictable, cookie-cutter plots. Even though a book is in the same series, you can expect different heat levels and story/plot/character lines that fit each couple perfectly. Just like in your own family, these people aren’t after the same thing in the same way and each has a personality of his/her own.

I’ve been writing full-time since May 2011, having quit my “day job” the month before with no new job in sight. Luckily, readers latched onto these characters and continue to think about them long after a book is published, so you won’t see this series come to an end. (And I do not believe in killing off main characters, so Adam may someday be about 90 but he’ll still be alive and ticking.) With more than a million copies of my books on e-readers around the world and three have hit the USA Today Bestseller list (NOBODY’S PERFECT, NOBODY’S DREAM, and my first Box Set), so readers are still wanting more.

I live in rural Kentucky with my husband of 32 years. Mr. Ray (as he became known by fans at KallypsoCon 2014) provided me with my own Happily Ever After despite having sworn off marriage and men at the age of 23. Funny what love can do to us to change our perspective, isn’t it? That theme comes up in my books time and time again.

We have two adult children, one adorable grandson (Master Erik, who makes frequent appearances on my Facebook timeline), and a rescued dog. Our daughter moved home while finishing training for a new career and brought her rescued cat back with her, too!

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