The Raging Fire Series

TONY: Slow Burn

MATTEO: Wild Fire

FRANCO: Flashover

Starting in March 2019, Kally began publishing her first serialized novel—Tony: Slow Burn in the new Raging Fire series. There will be four novels in this series–one for each of Angelina Giardano’s brothers. Their stories will be shared from youngest to oldest—Tony, Matteo, Franco, and Rafe. You can join Kally on this journey by reading and providing feedback to the monthly installments, posted on her Patreon page. After each story in the series is finishing serializing, Kally will rewrite (using some of the feedback from readers), have them professionally edited, and will release them in complete e-book format for her web store and other book retailers.

If you enjoy the journey, please become a patron today. All tiers include reading and responding to the monthly installments. If you prefer the destination, watch for the polished version at release. The others will be published first as serials then as e-books and in print as well. No timetable for how long each will take to be completed.