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All of my patrons (at any level) receive:

  • My utmost thanks for believing in and supporting me as I pursue this new creative endeavor;
  • New episodes in my serial novels (as they’re being written);
  • Photos and experiences that inspired the scenes in my serial installments;
  • Being mentioned as a beta reader in the acknowledgments of the published e-book/paperback for all who provided regular, significant feedback on my serial novels;
  • Work-in-Progress Posts/Updates about the serial novel (and perhaps others);
  • NEW BENEFIT! Behind-the-scenes live-streaming (and not live-streaming) videos from my annual KallypsoCon reader-author weekend.
  • My ramblings throughout the month about writing, publishing, cooking (excluding actual recipes), my family life, or whatever is on my mind (no politics, though);
  • Live one-hour chats and Q&A sessions on Patreon (after I reach my first goal of 50 patrons) and additional goals thereafter;
  • A coupon code for the free e-book release of each serial as it’s published after being rewritten and professionally edited (first one expected in 2020; must be a current patron at the time of e-book publication).

All that for $1/month. And at $3 and $5, you get even more.

If you’ve always wanted to beta read for me or enjoy seeing the process of how a story comes together (including deleted scenes) then for as little as $1/month, This platform allows writers and other creatives to build closer, more personal relationships with fans supporting them in specific projects–like my first-ever serial. (You also will also see personal things posted there that I’d never put on Facebook, not even in here!)

Of course, while I do all kinds of fun things with patrons there (including my first live, voice Q&A next month since they helped me achieve my first goal), the main purpose of the page is to provide me with what would have been my Radish app income had I chosen to share this serial there. Each month (once now, but after I hit 100 patrons, I’ll publish twice a month), I’ll share thousands of words in the latest part of the story. And those of you who are already patrons and read yesterday’s installment can see this is going to be one helluva ride!

Those who follow me on the journey at Patreon will see things that probably won’t wind up in the e-book I’ll publish next year that were important at the time but not so much so when it’s edited for complete novel pacing and storytelling.

I’m going to be sharing some “the making of” posts as well, to show what goes into getting the story to the point where I’m comfortable sharing it with you. I’ll include details about the world I’m writing in (the Rescue Me Saga world for the foreseeable future), including how the fictional fire station in this story came to life with the help of my fire department experts.

Yes, this series is part of the Rescue Me Saga world and I envision lots of crossover. I can see Luke showing up in part 3 and Marc & Angelina in part 4.

I even plan on sharing deleted scenes from the Rescue Me Saga with patrons. (Not something I’d put up on Facebook. I tried to once, but just couldn’t.)

If any or all of this sounds like your cup of tea, I hope you’ll join me and 59 (and counting) other patrons on Patreon!