Ryder & Megan: The Honeymoon


Ryder Wilson rolled the throttle as he rode up the dusty mountain road, his bride’s arms wrapped around his waist. He and Megan had set off on their honeymoon about a week after they’d married. Of course, they’d had no problem celebrating their newlywed status at home before that. Carlos’s home, that is. But Megan wanted to see her brother and his new triplets, even though Ryder wasn’t ready to face his former master sergeant given the fact he hadn’t been informed of the marriage yet.

Planning to take his time making their way to Denver, from Albuquerque, they’d stopped briefly at the Four Corners and started to tour Mesa Verde when he’d come close to having a panic attack. Too many people around for his peace of mind. After noticing the mention of a Colorado mountain on a tourist’s shirt, he’d consulted his map app and then a park ranger, who let him in on how to find this hidden gem to show Megan. It was right on the way to one of the stops he’d already planned to stop, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

After stopping for lunch at Cortez, they headed north until he found the gravel road he’d been told to watch for. The Road King growled as the climb grew steeper.

“How much farther?” Megan shouted in his ear.

“You’ll know when the hog stops rumbling.”

Her laugh made him hard. He hoped the mid-June night wouldn’t be too cold for them to camp out. They had sleeping bags and a pup tent stowed in their gear, but even with the additional touring rack and deluxe saddlebags he’d added, his HD Road King had limited storage capacity. If they planned to do a lot of touring together, Megan might want to have her own Harley—maybe a Softail. But right now, he wanted the feel of her right behind him.

At last, the gravel parking area spread out before them. He looked around to see if there was a visitors’ information sign to help him get his bearings. Would they be able to see the peak from the trail—and know it when they saw it?

After staking out one of the two remaining campsites, he helped Megan off the bike and secured their helmets and saddlebags. Treated water was available here so they filled their sports bottles and hit the head before setting out. They’d see the campsite enough tonight.

Ryder bent down to kiss Megan, parting her lips as he deepened it before pulling away and smiling. “I can’t wait to share something special with you on our hike.” His voice had grown husky from desire.

“Sounds like fun.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

He shook his head. “You, my horny wife, have a one-track mind. That wasn’t what I had in mind at all—not for the hike, anyway. Now I hope you won’t be let down by the actual surprise.”

She brushed her thumb over his cheek and gave him a peck on the lips. “You never disappoint me, Sir.”

God, he hoped he never would, either. Grabbing Megan’s hand, he led her to the Woods Lake trailhead. A horse whinnied nearby. This campsite provided a loop for those with horses, too.

“It’s gorgeous here. How’d you ever locate it with all the twists and turns on those back roads?”

“I’m pretty good at remembering directions. And then there’s GPS.” He grinned at her.

“Well, one secret has been revealed at least.”


*     *     *


Megan hadn’t felt so carefree in years. They were in no hurry to arrive at Adam’s, because she wanted to give him and Karla plenty of time to settle in with the triplets. Okay, maybe Megan wanted to postpone seeing Karla surrounded by three beautiful babies, because Megan wouldn’t be able to have even one herself.

But that was my choice.

She’d only wanted to rid herself of the pain of endometriosis, but never expected to fall in love with Ryder or any other man. Would he regret their not being able to have his biological children? He said they would adopt, but the process could take years. Not that they were in any hurry. They’d only been married a little over a week. Selfishly, she wanted to be able to do things like this with him before being tied down.

He hadn’t told her much about where they’d be going on this trip. After walking around the Four Corners Monument for bragging rights that their honeymoon had taken place in four states, though, she’d become aware that Ryder’s nerves were on edge by the time they reached Mesa Verde. The next thing she knew, he’d found this hidden gem far from the crowds. Perfect.

“Let’s stop and drink,” Ryder suggested. “I hear the more water we drink the easier the altitude will be on us.”

Taking a few gulps, she wondered what it was he wanted to show her up here, given he didn’t seem to have been here before, either, but she chose to stay in the moment instead.

Glancing over the meadow strewn with alpine flowers in purples, whites, and yellows, the backdrop of high mountains still showed a substantial amount of snow. Setting down her water bottle, she lifted her camera out of her backpack. “I’ve got to take some photos.”

“Absolutely. Go ahead. I’m sure they’ll bring back lots of memories in the years to come.”

Megan smiled, picturing them decades from now, perhaps on an anniversary, poring over the photos and remembering their honeymoon. She walked closer to a clump of flowers and snapped close-ups, then stood to take a longer shot of the entire meadow. Aspens with their off-white trunks and quaking leaves framed the shot. “I wonder which peaks these are.”

“No clue. But there’s one farther along I think I’ll recognize when I see it.”

She returned to his side and slung her camera strap around her neck. “Lead on!”

The path worn between the field grasses was narrow, but they chose to walk side by side a while, holding hands. “It’s so peaceful up here. Like we’re the only people in the world.”

He squeezed her hand. “Thanks for understanding back at Mesa Verde.”

“Nothing to thank me for. I was feeling a bit claustrophobic myself. I can’t wait to show you Bandelier when we go home. Similar cliff dwellings but much more remote.” She wondered how he would do in Denver, but there was no getting around eventually showing up at Adam’s. They had a baby shower planned for the twenty-fourth.

Plenty of days for her and Ryder to enjoy their honeymoon road trip.

Ryder stopped along the trail as if to get his bearings and glanced up at the peaks surrounding them. His face lit in a smile, and he turned his attention to her before pointing to one. “See that mountain?”

She followed the direction of his finger to a sheer rock face and a snowpack. It seemed oddly familiar, although she wasn’t familiar with Colorado’s Fourteeners at all, except for Mount Evans near Denver. “Gorgeous! Where have I seen it before?”

“Well, it’s the mountain face used on the Coors beer label.”

“Your favorite.”

“Yeah, but that’s not why this mountain is important to us.” She met his gaze, curious how a mountain could have any significance for them other than being beautiful to look at. After a dramatic pause, he said, “That, my dear Mrs. Wilson, is Wilson Peak.”

Seriously? How sweet was it that he’d hiked all the way up here to show her this hidden mountain bearing his name? Wait. Wilson was her name now, too. She smiled as she turned toward the peak again, this time feeling a connection that hadn’t been there a moment before.

“Any relation?”

“To the mountain?” he asked, teasing her.

She lightly punched his bicep. “No, silly, I’m asking if you’re any relation to whomever the peak was named for.”

“No clue. I only learned there was a Fourteener named Mount Wilson from a T-shirt someone was wearing at Mesa Verde.” Such an observant man, even when being bombarded by so many people, he would take notice of something like that. “Then I asked the park ranger there, and she told me about it but said not to confuse it with Wilson Peak. Both are in the same vicinity here in the San Juan Mountains, but hearing about the Coors connection made me think it would be worth searching out.”

As she stared at the mountain, Ryder came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. His hands roamed over her belly to reach inside her leather jacket and cup her breasts, and she wished she’d worn a tank without bra cups. Undeterred, though, he pinched her nipples through the cups and leaned forward to kiss her on the neck.

“Are you sure you want to start something you can’t finish, Ryder?”

He whispered in her ear, “Who says I’m not going to finish?” His right hand drifted lower until he briefly rubbed her clit through her jeans. Megan ground her butt against his erection and moaned. While they were partially hidden by the trees here, they were still on a well-marked trail. What if someone else happened upon them?

The friction of his fingers and her clothing against her clit had her squirming. She glanced around, hoping to find a place where they might remove some of the interfering layers of clothing and relieve this tension.

“Mr. Wilson?” she whispered.

He pulled her lower body tighter against his as he continued to nibble at her neck. “Hmm?”

“Before we reach our peak, do you think we ought to seek out a more secluded spot for this quickie?”

His left hand pinched her nipple, which only fueled the fire inside. “Who said anything about me taking you quickly? My bride, I can see you have a lot to learn about me.”

“Well, we’ve only known each other a few weeks.” She still couldn’t believe how quickly she’d been certain he was the one for her.

Clearly, if she’d known of his propensity for slowly torturing her to death, she might have given this relationship a little more time. She grinned. No she wouldn’t. He always did have a slow hand and enjoyed the journey as much as reaching the destination. That was one of the things she loved most about him.

But he released her all too quickly. Thinking one of them had come to their senses, she prepared to continue their hike along the trail until he pulled her into a nearby wooded area and pressed her back against the trunk of an aspen tree.

“I figure we’ll have a lot more privacy here than we will tonight at the campground,” he said by way of explanation.

She grinned before he lowered his face to her upturned one. His warm lips nibbled at hers, placing kisses at the corners of her mouth, licking along the crease, begging for admittance. She held out as long as she could before she opened her mouth to his now-insistent tongue. Her desire increased as he kneaded her breast and pinched her nipple. Instantaneous need consumed her, and she reached up to try and remove his leather jacket but only managed to get it down to his elbows.

Ryder pulled away, breathing as hard as she—and not from the high altitude this time. His lascivious smile made her heart skip a few beats. After a moment, he paused to assess their location while she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.

“Eager, are we?” he asked.

“I’m just not sure I want an audience of hikers—or wild animals—so I’m being efficient.”

“Efficiency has its place, but one of my goals here is to make sure you’re vocal enough to scare off any intruders.”

Her clit tingled in anticipation as she removed her jacket and handed it to him. She smiled. “I’ll do my best, Sir.”

He laid both leather side down on the ground in the center of the aspen grove.

Together, they shucked their boots and jeans. The sight of his tented black boxers made her speed up her own disrobing efforts to catch up. Each discarded item of clothing was added to the bed of sorts he was making on the ground. It would still be hard without sleeping bags but he was doing his best to make it comfortable.

“You’re on top, Red.” She loved when he called her that. “I’ll take the ground.”

Once again, he thought of her needs ahead of his. She’d have to make the hard ground worth it to him. Megan smiled. “My pleasure.”


*     *     *


Megan’s impish grin made Ryder even harder. He closed the gap between them. “Raise your arms.” She did so, and he lifted her tank over her head, his gaze never leaving hers. He loved that she never wore a bra. One less layer to deal with.

Closing his eyes, he lowered his mouth to one peak and licked her nipple, feeling it harden instantly. Placing his teeth on her, he bit gently and pulled away, taking her with him. She arched her back to follow him, causing him to release her.

“Eyes.” She met his gaze, and he pressed her against the aspen trunk. “You are to keep your spine in contact with this tree unless instructed otherwise.”

Her pupils dilated. “Yes, Sir.”

“Now, where was I?”

“You were torturing my nips, Sir.”

He shook his head but couldn’t hold back the smile. They hadn’t made love in three days. He’d missed having that connection with her, even though she’d been plastered against him on the bike most of that time.

Soon she’d be on top of him, and he’d be buried deep inside her.

Ryder didn’t have to worry about restraining her. Megan would stay put, not wanting to risk putting an end to their time together even if it would only postpone the inevitable. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her head back. Dominance surged through him. God, he needed this. Needed her.

He plundered her mouth again, his thumb and index finger rolling the same nipple he’d aroused a moment ago, as he captured her moan in his mouth. His hand roamed over her skin, noting her scars in passing but focused more on reaching the destination at the juncture of her thighs. He broke free of her lips. “Spread your legs. Remember where your spine is to remain.”

Megan inched her feet apart, careful to keep her back straight, and he slid his hand inside her panties. Wet. He avoided her clit and delved into her pussy, sinking two fingers deep inside her. When he began pumping in and out, she grabbed onto the slim trunk to steady herself, threw her head back, and panted. He loved watching her responsiveness.

Knowing she was ready for him, he withdrew his hand. “Clean my fingers,” he commanded as he held them in front of her mouth. She opened her eyes, now smoky with lust, and maintained eye contact as she took both wet fingers onto her tongue and closed her lips around them.

When she started pumping them in and out as though giving him head, he groaned. Enough foreplay. He pulled his fingers from her mouth and took her hand as he led her toward the quasi-bed he’d made on the ground. “Remove your panties.” He watched her slide them over her hips, thighs, and calves before stepping out of them. “Now my boxers.” Leaving her panties where they lay, she stepped closer and reached out to hook her thumbs into the waistband, pulling it away from and over his erection. She gave the sensitive knob of his dick a seemingly accidental tweak, but the grin on her face gave her away.

Removing his T-shirt, Ryder laid it down flat on the pile and stretched out on the clothing, crooking his finger for her to join him. She knelt with her knees straddling his calves, and her gaze feasted momentarily on his dick. “Your choice. Suck me, or ride me.”

She nibbled the inside of her lower lip as though contemplating a difficult decision. “If you wait too long, I’ll take the choice away.”

Without further hesitation, she bent over him and took his dick inside her mouth. Just as she’d teased his fingers moments ago, she flicked the knob with her tongue until he fisted his hands trying to keep from coming undone too soon. He wanted this to last as long as possible.

The sound of laughter broke into his thoughts. Fuck!He tugged Megan by the hair to lift her mouth off him and drag her body over his. “Shhh,” he whispered. “Someone’s coming.”

And, unfortunately, it’s not Megan or me.

She giggled softly, but soon became silent, resting her head on his chest as they lay on the ground behind the low growth bushes listening to footsteps on the trail. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, but couldn’t really cover her with the discarded clothing underneath them without calling attention to their position. If they remained perfectly still, the hikers might pass them by without a glance, too busy staring at the other Wilson peak.

He couldn’t make out how many there were but at least two were a man and a woman. He hoped they didn’t get the same idea he and Megan had and wander into the aspen grove to discover them.

“Beautiful,” the woman said.

“Told you it was worth the hike,” a man responded in a low voice.

Megan began lightly tracing his shoulder to his bicep, then continued down his arm to his forearm and hand until she reached his fingertips. In the same steady motion, she grazed her fingertips down his side to his hip before lifting her hip slightly, reaching between their bodies to seek out his dick.

He couldn’t swat her to get her to behave, so he let her have her fun. For now.

The voices of the unsuspecting intruders were drowned out by the blood rushing in his ears. Her fingers grasped his length and stroked him slowly. Clearly, she was trying to get him to groan or otherwise call attention to them. He wouldn’t have pegged her for an exhibitionist, but he had better self-control than that.

He forced himself to focus on the nearby hikers who seemed in no hurry to move the fuck on. Megan’s tormenting and teasing continued. Man, he owed her big-time for this. Lifting his arm, he reached for her nipple and pinched it, holding it like a clamp to cut off the blood flow. Her hand stilled. No doubt she knew what lay ahead of her when he released it if he held it long enough. Would she be able to maintain her composure and stay quiet, or would she bring the hikers rushing in to save her from whatever perceived beast was on the attack?

She lifted her head and stared into his eyes, a quizzical look on her face. Leaning closer to his ear, she whispered, “You sure that’s a good idea?”

He held his ground—well, her nip—and smiled. She glanced toward where the hikers’ voices had come from and inched up his chest before sliding back down again and easing herself onto his dick. He couldn’t see whether they still had company and didn’t care, either.

Megan sheathed him inside her silky passage.

He’d died and gone to heaven.

“Mmm.” She didn’t try to lower her voice. “Feels so good. I’ve missed you.” They’d been unable to find a place to make love for days. He’d missed her, too.

Leveraging herself onto her hands and knees, she pistoned on his dick. Her breasts bounced, but Ryder continued to hold onto the one nipple, pinching it harder. He glanced toward the trail again, but the hikers had either moved on or were silently watching. Maybe they’d learn a thing or two about enjoying nature. He turned his complete attention on his sexy bride.


*     *     *


Megan watched the hiking couple venture farther along the trail, no longer worried about being discovered, but Ryder didn’t seem aware that they’d left, given his nervous glance in that direction.

Letting her hair cascade around either side of his head, she leaned down and kissed him. Being in control and on top of him emboldened her. With more of her weight off his hips now, he began pounding in and out of her to match her pace, occasionally causing friction with her clit, leaving her breathless. Her tongue entered his mouth, claiming him as hers.

That he was her husband still floored her sometimes. But the chemistry between them—in and out of bed—was too powerful to deny. Why waste precious time with a long engagement? Without a doubt, they would be together for a long time.

With his free hand, Ryder reached between their bodies. She broke the kiss and lifted her torso to give him better access, propping herself up on her hands. His penis hit a spot deep inside her that made her legs almost turn to jelly. He filled every inch of her—body and soul. She closed her eyes until his finger began playing with her clit. The combination of stimulating the two bundles of nerves at the same time built tension to a fever pitch.

“Come with me, Red.”

She was close, but not quite there yet. Then he released her nipple. Seconds later, as blood rushed back in, she screamed, “Oh, my God!” Pain quickly turned to pleasure as he pumped harder and the world crashed around her. People from two counties could probably hear her screams echoing around the mountains, but she didn’t care if every park ranger and hiker in the vicinity came running. All that mattered in this moment was this amazing orgasm. Ryder closed his eyes and grunted as he came with her. She loved watching him in this moment of utter abandon and release.

Exhausted, moments later she collapsed onto his chest again, and he wrapped his arms around her protectively.

“Woman, you’re going to kill me before I’m forty.”

“Oh, no, Mr. Wilson. I intend to keep you around much longer than a couple of years.”

Safe in his arms, she must have dozed, but felt something crawling on her side and swatted it away only to realize it was Ryder’s hand.

“Nice nap?”

“Sorry. I didn’t even realize I was sleepy.”

“Great sex can have that effect. But don’t worry. I kept watch while you were out. Those two hikers wandered by fifteen minutes ago. It’s probably safe for us to get dressed now.”

Megan hated to leave her perch. “I hope I haven’t crushed you.”

“You’re light as a feather, although I think my arm might have fallen asleep.” He shook it to return the feeling before she reached down to grab the offended extremity and help him up.

He pulled some wipes from the backpack and cleaned her thighs and a couple more for himself, and they brushed off their clothing to dress. Her hips had been stretched wide for so long, she wasn’t sure she could walk. They exited the woods and stood on the path.

“Which way?” she asked.

Ryder glanced at the setting sun. “Gets dark early in the mountains. I’d say we’d best head back to camp.”

She nodded, took his hand, and they strolled side by side when possible. The campground opened up before them alongside the lake. A couple riding horses caught their eye. “Magnificent creatures.” Megan pulled her SLR from the backpack and snapped some images.

“I haven’t been around horses much, being from Chicago. How about you?”

He shook his head. When the horses and riders ventured closer, Megan struck up a conversation with the woman. “Are they friendly?”

“Mine is. His can be a little skittish around strangers.”

Megan reached out to stroke the neck of the spotted one under the woman. “Mustang?”

The woman nodded. “Both are rescue horses.”

They discussed the horse’s abusive background and what it had taken to reach this point after a couple years of work. Suddenly, Megan realized Ryder had been awfully quiet and turned to see him standing in front of the other horse. The two seemed locked in silent communication, but the horse showed no signs of panic or unease with Ryder.

“I see he’s been around horses a bit,” the female rider commented.

“Actually, I don’t think so.” Megan marveled at Ryder’s relaxed stance. He seemed lost in a place far removed from her and the others around him. She didn’t want to intrude so remained silent, watching.

After a few minutes, he pulled himself out of the spell and his body stiffened, instantly back on alert. He glanced at her, then at the two riders. “Beautiful animal.”

“Thanks.” The riders clicked their tongues and squeezed their knees against the sides of the horses and went on their way.

“I thought you said you hadn’t spent much time around horses.”

“I haven’t. Man, that was weird. I felt such a strong connection to the horse in that moment. And a sense that somehow horses would be part of my destiny.”

She grinned. “I’m not sure how, but I’ve learned not to ignore those feelings. One thing for sure, I’ve never seen you so relaxed. The woman said that horse was usually skittish around strangers, but you two really hit it off.”

He shook his head, and they continued toward the bike to unload and set up camp.

She suddenly knew she needed to find this man some horses to connect with but was unsure how to make that happen.


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