Sightseeing Tour List:

Here’s the attendee list I have for the DC sightseeing tour on Sunday. If you don’t see your name here and you think maybe you purchased a ticket please email Charlotte at as soon as possible.

We’ve sold out of seats for this tour but a waitlist has been created in case of last-minute cancellations.

Alissa Sturman
Angelique Luzader
Annette Elens
Barb Jack
Brenda Brandenstein
Brenda Southard
Briana Vandergriff
Cathy LaPeters
Connie Miconi
Dana Smith
Deanna Rowley
Deb Sabo
Diane Vandergriff
Elaine Swinney
Elizabeth Easley
Gina Marcantonio
Jenniffer Tobar
Joanna Halliday-Warren
Julie Cole
Karen Ashburner
Kelle Braun
Kristin Thomas
Linzi Baxter
Lynn Scott
Marlene Ruiz
Mary A. Nason
Mary Hollingsead
Melissa Carriveau
Noreen Corrigan
Regan Zick
Robin Greene
Ruth Reid
Sandie Grise
Shannon O’Malley
Shawn Gumpright
Shawn Winner
Sheleen Peterson
Sheryl Phillips
Tracy Fagan
Valerie Thompson
Virginia Kramer
Yvette Figueroa