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November 18, 2016

In late October, I realized that the words for Damian and Savannah’s update novella just weren’t flowing. While speaking with my friend, Kennedy Layne, she suggested I try another series and WOW. Was she ever right. This new Contemporary Romance series (tentatively called the Bluegrass Spirits Series )has some ghostly secondary characters, but probably will not be hardcore paranormal. My ghosts are matchmaking from the other side (not unlike Joni did for Adam and Karla!).

The first book, JESSE’S HIDEOUT, is already at more than 20,000 words in a very short time. That’s a good sign that I’ve found my passion for writing again. The story was inspired by a house that I used to pass on Sunday drives with my dad in his hometown in Nelson Co., KY. He’d say, “Jesse James used to hide out there.” I’m still researching the Jesse James angle, but the ghost you’ll meet at the fictional B&B inn there is the grandmother of the hero and friend of the inn’s owner (the heroine). Tillie and Greg are going to be a lot of fun–and Greg has a 4-year-old son named Derek who bears some similarities to my grandson, Erik. I’m sharing some of Erik’s expressions and such in the scenes. I know his fans will love it.

BUT RESCUE ME SAGA FANS DON’T WORRY! I still have stories to tell about the five couples in the Rescue Me Saga, as well as some spinoffs about characters who have made appearances in that series. The first spinoff was ROAR, which will lead into the “black ops” trilogy. I think perhaps readers are needing a break, too. I’ll come back to those characters charged up and ready to go eventually, but first this series and possible a Romantic Suspense one with military heroes that I think you’ll love, too.

— Kally

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