August 23, 2017

Thanks for checking in!

I’m so excited to be starting Danny’s Return next week after my much-need family time break. I have been doing my Morning Pages and have filled nearly 30 pages with notes about Danny’s book. I’m sure you fell in love with this guy in KATE’S SECRET, too, and are curious as to how I’m going to pull this one off. Stay tuned!

As for the Rescue Me Saga and the “black ops” trilogy, I’ll never stop writing those books. I love them, they’re family! I’m just giving them a little time to enjoy THEIR families before I put them through hell again. (Especially poor Adam!) So I’ve taken a break from the Rescue Me Saga world this year. When I return to it, I’ll be fresh and excited. In the meantime, I’m working on the new Bluegrass Spirits series (supernatural Contemporary Romance where loved ones like Joni and Victoria from my signature series get to have a point of view). I have no intentions of ending the RMS series (and I include spinoffs like ROAR, which sets up the black ops trilogy really well, and that trilogy). I know I’ll have the trilogy written before September 2019 because they will be my “romantic suspense” books for my KallypsoCon of that theme. LOL  I’m going to be working on the plot for it next month during a writers’ day retreat, but still have one and probably two more Bluegrass Spirits books to write first.

As for Marc & Angelina, Damian & Savannah, and Adam & Karla, and all your faves from the Rescue Me Saga, I have plans for novels and novellas about them that I’ll write whenever they inspire me. I tried to write one about Damian & Savannah last year, but it was forced and I just couldn’t finish it. That’s when I realized my heart wasn’t there at that time and it was time to do something different. I don’t want readers to ever pick up a Rescue Me Saga book and say, “She should have stopped two books ago.” LOL So until *I* am confident a book is up to par for me, I won’t put it out.

All I can say is subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date. I might try to write a RMS novella in between the next two Bluegrass Spirits novels, but my fingers are itching to get to work on Danny’s Return right now, so it won’t be right away. I hope you’ll give those books a try. Jesse’s Hideout is a fun read, but Kate’s Secret really gets into some nitty-gritty topics (and is a military romance), so probably more like what you’re used to in my books. And Danny’s in that book, too, so you can get a peek at him before his book!

— Kally

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  1. Thanks for writing to let us know your plans for future, I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I have 3 of my own and can’t imagine one of them being gone. So take care of yourself and I look forward to your next books.

    Be blessed

    1. Thanks, Lydia! Cherish every minute with them! And I’m working on a new update–a new Rescue Me Saga book coming out in the next couple of months. Damian and Savannah’s story continues in a novella (a very SHORT novel for me). Stay tuned!

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