Here goes (mostly as of today):
1: Hair up or down? Down (too short for up)
2: Jeans or Yoga pants? Jeans
3: Painted or non painted nails? non-painted. I have no nails.
4: Favorite color? red (at the moment)
5: T shirt or dress shirt? T shirt
6: Flip flops or sneakers? flip flops (with socks)
7: Big purse or small? Medium-sized, although sometimes I carry a small backpack, too
8: Tattoos? Never (fear of needles, so no acupuncture either)
9: Piercings? Never (see #8)
10: Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds–all sparkly
11: Favorite animal? Cats
12: Favorite food? lamb (sorry, PETA folks, but I’m of Irish descent)
13: Rap or country? Country (I can’t STAND rap)
14: Height? 5’1″
15: Sports or couch? I don’t understand the question. LOL But the only sport I follow is international cycling, so I’ll say couch. But I don’t own a couch. Maybe someday! Love it when hubby sits on a couch and I put my head in his lap and stretch out and he strokes my hair. (As readers know from Nobody’s Hero and the foreplay in the Shibari scene, I have a thing for men playing with hair!)


A little more fun…
A- Age: 57
B- Biggest fear: ?
C- Current time: 6:03 PM
D- Drink you last had: Wagner Reserve Blush wine
E- Every day starts with: Diet Coke with Lime
F- Favorite song: ?
G- Ghosts, are they real?: Of course!
H- Hometown: Louisville, KY (pronounced LUH-vul or if you must give it 3 syllables, then LOO-uh-vul)
I- In love with: Mr. Ray
J- Jealous of: people taller than 5’1!
K- Killed someone?: Not in real life, although a couple of my characters’ loved ones have passed. Never the villains, though, because I think you can make them suffer much more here on earth
L- Last time you cried?: watching the news tonight (we lost a paramedic here in Kentucky last week)
M- Middle name: none (well, Kally doesn’t have one!)
N- Number of siblings: 6 (5 sisters, all Mary something, and 1 brother)
O- One wish: my sister’s Stage IV cancer would disappear
P- Person you last called: My sister, Mary 5
Q- Question you’re always asked: Only by the uninformed who know better than to ask: When’s the next book coming out?
R- Reason to smile: my 3-year-old grandson
S- Song last sang: Somewhere Over the Rainbow (karaoke duet with Mr. Ray tonight–and no, I will NEVER do that at a con or in public!)
T- Time you woke up: 7 AM
U- Underwear color: white
V- Vacation destination: Europe next (for a signing in Essex, England in June)
W- Worst habit: picking at my fingers (I even gave a couple of my characters the habit hoping their Doms would take care of it. Still working on it!
X-X-Ray’s you’ve had: too many to name
Y- Your favorite food: fresh fruit
Z- Zodiac sign: Um, Taurus? Yeah, that’s the one!

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