A New Rescue Me Saga Box Set is Available!

This week, I released the second box set in the Rescue Me Saga series, along with a bonus book Western Dreams, making the entire series (or what’s published to date) available in only two e-books! Great way to pull them all together on your e-reader for re-reads in order!
And the perfect time to share the series with friends, family, and your reader groups while both are on sale for a few more days. Almost $30 worth of books (if you purchased them separately) and almost half off full price for the two box sets.
Only $9.99 for both TODAY thru Friday (June 22).
Having the two box sets on your reading device will make re-reads a breeze! And it’s a perfect time to convince your friends, family, and reader groups to try the series while the first box set (Masters at Arms, Nobody’s Angel, Nobody’s Hero, and Nobody’s Perfect) is FREE.
If you’re able to, please share the following pages from my web site with links to all booksellers:
THANKS! And an added thank you to those who use the Kally’s Shop links to buy or download directly from me! (It mostly benefits me, so buy wherever you’re most comfortable, but I appreciate getting paid immediately rather than 2 months later. *grin*)
NOTE: The new box set for books 4-6 and Western Dreams will only be available on Amazon through mid July, but you’ll be able to purchase the mobi version for your Kindle anytime via the Kally’s Shop link. 

ROAR on Sale for First Time Ever!

Only $2.99 for a Limited Time!

Need a visit to the Masters at Arms Club?
Want to know what Mistress Grant and Gunnar Larson are up to?
Ready to immerse yourself in a riveting story of love lost and love found?

Roar released one year ago this month and has NEVER been on sale since! Save $4 if you buy NOW. TODAY! No promises on how long this sale will last, but it won’t be long! You really need to read this book to catch up with some of the secondary characters from the Rescue Me Saga, BUT if you haven’t read those books, this one could totally be read as a standalone, too. Eventually, this will be the jumping off place for the long-awaited trilogy featuring the romances of Grant, Gunnar, and Patrick (Adam’s half-brother). Those characters haven’t been talking to me for a while, so not sure when the “black-ops” trilogy will come about, but you’ll see some of the groundwork laid in Roar.


Oh, and for those who like BDSM just for fun and not necessarily as a healing tool, Kristoffer and Pamela (my alpha submissive) are just so darn much fun! You won’t see it at any lower price for a long time, so grab it while you can!

Roar Description:

A tragic accident left his beloved wife just beyond his reach, haunting Kristoffer Roar Larson for four years until a chance meeting with Pamela stirs feelings best kept buried. Her assertive alpha personality coupled with her desire to submit and serve fascinates him. Will he allow her presence to shine light once more into the dark corners of his life?

Dr. Pamela Jeffrey thrives on providing medical assistance to those in war-torn corners of the world until a health scare grounds her stateside. While pursuing her deepest secret desire, she encounters Kristoffer, who reluctantly agrees to help prepare her for a future Dom. The bond deepens between them as does her desire for him to be that man in her life, but Kristoffer cannot meet all of her needs. Can she be satisfied without regrets with what he can propose?

As the undeniable connection grows between them, feelings of betrayal take root. How can Pamela convince him he deserves another chance at love? Will Kristoffer be able to fully open himself to the ginger-haired sprite who makes him question everything he once believed? Or will he lose the woman teaching him to live again as surely as he lost the person who first taught him to love?

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At last, it’s release day for Tillie and Greg!

Jesse’s Hideout available now!

Links to Purchase:

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Still not sure if you can trust me to deliver a compelling read in my new mainstream Contemporary Romance series? Well, about a week ago, suffering pre-release jitters, as usual, I asked a long-time reader to give it the once-over, and Angelique Luzader shared this in some of my Facebook groups. I consider it the first review!

“This book is AMAZING, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

I was so honored last week when Kallypso Masters came to me and asked me if I would be willing and able to read through this book for her to catch any last details. I’ve had a million things on my plate and I honestly needed an escape, so I dove in.

I was nervous, I LOVE Kallypso’s Rescue Me series and didn’t know how I would feel about this new, more contemporary series starter. Could it still draw me in as her Rescue Me series has, would it be a series I could invest in… The answer is a resounding yes! Kallypso has included so many of the elements I have come to expect from her books in this one! This novel will introduce you to real life characters who are facing real life issues along with a couple of meddling (yet totally lovable) spirits who just want what we all want for Greg and Tillie, the happily ever after that they both deserve!

So if you are a fan of the Rescue Me Saga, but haven’t taken the leap to pre-order
Jesse’s Hideout yet, what are you waiting for??? I promise you will not be disappointed! If you haven’t read the Rescue Me series because maybe the BDSM elements just aren’t your thing…that’s okay too, because Jesse’s Hideout is not in that genre. This is something totally different than anything I have read from Kally, or anyone else really, and it is beautiful! I can’t wait to sample some of the recipes she shared at the end (if they are half as good as her fruitcake, I am all in!) and hear your thoughts on the story!”

As always, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this story–perhaps even more so because it’s set in my home state and I’ve included lots of my favorite places, some of my own family lore, and 16 to-die-for family recipes for dishes mentioned in the story. If you’re looking for a light escape, but one that still has a powerful story to tell, I hope you’ll give Jesse’s Hideout a try! Then please tell ALL your friends and family. This one is a safe one to share!

And who can’t resist getting to know the legendary Jesse James when his spirit shows up right in the Prologue? I let my imagination run wild with him, but ever since my dad told us ol’ Jesse James used to hide out in the house pictured on the cover, I’ve felt like Jesse James is a part of my family, too!

Reviews are greatly appreciated, including at Goodreads and wherever you purchased your copy!

Jesse’s Hideout Release Week Giveaway

How to Enter:

1. If you haven’t already done so, purchase your e-book copy of Jesse’s Hideout no later than Monday, April 3!
(Pre-ordered copies are eligible too!)
2. Take a screenshot or photo of the first page of CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE.
3. Fill out this form and upload your screenshot/photo and submit it by
11:59 p.m. EDT (New York City Time) on Monday, April 3.
That’s it!

Winner will receive a $50 Bookseller Gift Card, but please watch for the email from my assistant Charlotte Oliver (charlotte@kallypsomasters.com) on Tuesday April 4. You will need to confirm with that e-mail, then we’ll announce the winner (however you’d like to be named) via my Facebook Author Page, website, and in the next newsletter. Good luck!

Only ONE entry per person, if you submit more than once only your first entry will count.

Jesse’s Hideout Cook-Off!

We had so much fun a couple of years ago with the Rescue Me Saga Cook-Off that it only seemed natural to do it again with Jesse’s Hideout! Tillie loves to cook and bake for the guests at her Bed & Breakfast—interestingly enough, many of my family favorites—so I have included 16 recipes in the back of the book. Try your hand at ANY ONE of them to enter to win a fantastic gift basket FULL of Kentucky goodies and other treasures!

Contest runs from today until 11:59 p.m. EDT on April 30, winner will be contacted via email from Charlotte Oliver (charlotte@kallypsomasters.com) on May 1.

How to Enter:1. Choose one recipe from the back matter of Jesse’s Hideout to cook/make/bake and prepare it!
3. Fill out this form and upload your photo.

Only ONE entry per person, if you submit more than once only your first entry will count.

Join me as I launch a new series in March!

I’ve been dying to show you the first cover in my new Contemporary Romance series! And here it is! My cover artist, Linda Kuhlmann at Two Trees Studio did a fabulous job, as always. I’ve never been able to say publicly who did the majority of my covers since 2011, but she finally retired from her day job last year and now I can!

The house on the cover is a real one in the very location mentioned in the story, Samuels, Kentucky. (All of the Bluegrass Spirits books will be set in Kentucky, by the way.) Although I’ve taken some poetic license with some of the facts, after touring the house for the first time in December (something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid and my dad told me “Jesse James used to hide out there” every time we drove by, which was often), I learned so many interesting stories and quirks about the house that I was thrilled to incorporate some of them in JESSE’S HIDEOUT. I know you’re going to enjoy Greg and Tillie’s story when it releases in the last half of March. (We’ve set up preorders at Apple, Kobo, and soon Nook for a March 28 release. Once I have the final edits done, we’ll be announcing Amazon links. Google Play will have it on release day. I reserve the right to release it early! All depends on how the next month of edits go!)

Description for JESSE’S HIDEOUT

Tillie Hamilton is the latest person to use her 180-year-old house in rural Kentucky as a hideout—taking her cue from the infamous outlaw Jesse James who frequented the place. The house she converted into a bed and breakfast is the only sanctuary she’s ever known, ever since the old woman she inherited it from rescued her from neglect as a small child.

However, sparks fly when her benefactor’s handsome grandson, Greg Buchanan, accuses Tillie of exploiting his grandmother’s memory for her own ends by claiming Gram haunts the inn.

Greg vows to debunk the charlatan’s claims but quickly discovers the charming Tillie is not at all what he expected. Embarrassed to admit he’s another of the conspiracy theorists she scoffs at, he hides his other reason for showing up at her B&B. But while reading his grandmother’s private journals, he learned Jesse James returned to this house in the 1930s, half a century after historians believed he’d been shot dead.

And yet his attraction to Tillie keeps him torn between setting history right and forging a new history of his own in Tillie’s arms. Tensions mount, leaving his grandmother’s spirit to think her dying wish—something she’s wanted since Tillie and Greg were children—may never come true.

Can Gram and Jesse make the two lonely overachievers see they belong in each other’s arms before time runs out for them in this lifetime?

Kindle | iBooks | Kobo |  Nook
Available at Google Play on release day.

Bluegrass Spirits Facebook Group

If you want to follow me on the journey as I share insights and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the books in this series, I’ve set up a Facebook group. Just ask to join my Bluegrass Spirits (Kallypso Masters Series) group on Facebook and off we go!

I’m 19,000 words into book two in this series–KATE’S SECRET. So excited to have found my writing passion again after it took a hit last year. Of course, I’m not finished telling stories in the Rescue Me Saga or Rescue Me Saga Extras, AND I still need to channel Grant, Gunnar, and Patrick to tell their story after I introduced so much of it in ROAR. But, as always, I have to follow my characters, whichever is screaming the loudest in my ear, or I just spin my wheels.

Western Dreams is Available Now!

Western Dreams 7_30_16 KDP

Catch up with Ryder & Megan and Luke & Cassie!

Kallypso Masters, three-time USA Today bestselling author of the Rescue Me Saga and author of ROAR, has been hailed by devoted readers as “a reader’s writer,” one who interacts with readers, does meticulous research, and gives readers what they want (although not always when they want it).

WESTERN DREAMS is a collection of five original, SHORT glimpses into the lives of two beloved couples from the Rescue Me Saga. This collection gives readers some quick peeks at Ryder and Megan (including two “secret” scenes mentioned in NOBODY’S DREAM that took place off the page, as well as two others that take place after the ending of that book). Readers also will catch a glimpse of how Luke and Cassie are settling in and progressing in their relationship at their new mountaintop haven.

We begin with Ryder and Megan Wilson’s honeymoon bike ride through Colorado. When Ryder’s PTSD kicks in, he takes a detour that leads to surprises—and some sexy fun. As their destiny on the ranch unfolds, watch them explore the BDSM lifestyle in ways that will delight.

In the final vignette in this collection, watch as Luke returns from three long days at the ranch to find Cassie immersed in her outdoor soaking tub as the snow flurries swirl around them. Readers will relish this glimpse into how Luke continues to condition Cassie, steering her in the direction of a future dynamic in the BDSM lifestyle—baby step by baby step.

EXTRA! EXTRA! This collection includes a long, sexy excerpt from Kallypso’s ROAR featuring a new couple faced with an unthinkable choice. ROAR is a standalone novel that will eventually serve as a bridge to the romantic suspense trilogy with the long-awaited romances of Patrick Gallagher, Mistress V. Grant, Gunnar Larson—and their love interests. 


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Save $2 on Nobody’s Dream thru Cyber Monday!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA readers! To celebrate the big shopping weekend here in the States I have put NOBODY’S DREAM on sale for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Now through Cyber Monday (Nov. 28) you can pick up a copy for only $4.99. You’ll save $2 off the normal price so if you haven’t had a chance to read Luke and Cassie’s journey yet then get it this weekend while it’s on sale!

Amazon: goo.gl/i49dBA
iBooks: goo.gl/HtvzAd
Barnes & Noble: goo.gl/c7dGJ5
Kobo: goo.gl/a0r93t
Google Play: goo.gl/Y5GGXy
ARe: goo.gl/0wQ0jl

Quiet Peruvian-born artist Cassie Lopez learned this the hard way. Betrayed by the man she planned to marry, she shut herself off far away from it all but her closest friend from college…

Until the night Luke Denton came crashing into her Colorado mountain sanctuary with a vengeance. Confused by her heart’s response to this kind and gentle man, Cassie pushes herself to help the cowboy recover quickly so she can send him on his way. But Luke’s patience and understanding threaten to break down the very defenses she needs to survive in this world after he’s gone.

Search-and-Rescue worker, artist, and gentle soul Luke, who lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident, also knows firsthand of the unfairness of life. He keeps his own nightmares at bay by focusing on his rescue work and many other activities, including most recently adopting and working with abused and neglected horses.

Can two wounded people find trust and love together? Do nightmares end where dreams come true?

To read an excerpt click here!

New Princess Slut® Teespring Campaign!

from the New Princess Slut®
Teespring Shirt Campaign!


Damian Orlando encouraged Savannah to embrace her inner princess slut in the novel NOBODY’S PERFECT, as she reclaimed her sexuality. Now readers get the chance to embrace theirs as well by proudly wearing Princess Slut® on one of the shirts in this first-time-ever Teespring campaign for the trademarked line. Kally is offering a variety of styles of shirts—everything from basic unisex tees, to women’s, V-necks, and long-sleeved tees to two styles of tanks, a sweatshirt and a hoodies—all at affordable prices.

After the campaign ends, the Kally Swag Store will stock ONLY the basic tees in popular sizes, so you DO NOT want to miss this sale offering quality shirts in a variety of styles from multiple manufacturers. Grab yours before the campaign ends Aug. 11!

Please be aware that sizing charts vary from shirt to shirt and manufacturer to manufacturer, so make sure you check descriptions and sizing charts before ordering ANYthing, and don’t assume an XL in one style is going to fit the same as an XL in another.

INTERNATIONAL READERS: If you’d like one of these shirts (any style) you will save yourself a lot of money by ordering directly from Teespring instead of waiting until later and ordering from the Kally Swag Store. Shipping directly from Teespring is $9.50 for Canada and $9.75 to all other countries versus what we will have to charge from the online store of $25-$30 per order for Priority Mail (my preferred shipping). Not to mention the basic tees are $13.99 versus the $15 USD we’ll be offering them for at the store later– but you’ll get more style choices during the campaign if you buy from Teespring!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing readers wearing my Princess Slut® shirts at upcoming conferences and book signings!

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Doms Teaser

A Note from Kallypso Masters

To say that Roar was a total and complete surprise for me is an understatement. It certainly wasn’t the BDSM and sexual romp I intended to write in my first spinoff book from the Rescue Me Saga. I’d never met Kristoffer Roar Larson before and only new Pamela Jeffrey on the surface level from her brief scene with Marc D’Alessio in Somebody’s Angel. (Marc didn’t even scratch the surface with this woman including knowing her profession!)

There were so many other characters I’d promised stories about or you were screaming for, including Angelina’s firefighter brothers, and a trilogy with an overarching romantic suspense theme featuring Patrick Gallagher, Mistress V. Grant, and Gunnar Larson. But those characters didn’t come to me with their stories—although the last three are all in Roar as is Patrick’s lady (Maribeth!).

Instead, when asked by Red Phoenix in fall 2014 about doing a fun crossover with characters from our two worlds, out of the blue comes Gunnar’s cousin, Kristoffer. I don’t plot, plan, or mold my characters in any way, so in April 2015, when I wrote a collaborative scene for Red’s series involving Kristoffer unexpectedly seeing a colleague naked in a classroom in Master Brad Anderson’s The Denver Academy in Red’s Brie world, my thinking was that this would be a lighthearted, fun story. And as I tend to do, there are as lots of such moments throughout the book. Away I went to write from the shared scenes from my characters’ perspectives to mesh with Red’s story from Brie’s point of view. Only those of you who follow us on social media or in our newsletters probably even knew Kristoffer and Pamela were from my world when it came out in one of her serial installments last spring or when it was later published in her third full-length Brie novel, Brie Masters Love In Submission: Submissive in Love, in September 2015. If things had gone as planned, I was supposed to release Roar that same month. Here I am nine months later finally birthing Roar. (For this reason alone, I’ve learned that any type of collaboration in another author’s world is strictly off limits for me if they’re on a deadline and used to sticking to them! My apologies, Red, for screwing up what could have been a wonderful simultaneous crossover! I hope some of my readers will now go grab Brie’s stories and get to dive in for another great read.)

A month later, I was struggling and worrying about how my readers would accept this different type of Romance. I fought with Kristoffer for a full month starting when he threw me an enormous curve that had no place in a Romance genre. Of course, Kristoffer won; he is a Dominant, after all. But trying to write a happy ending that has never been done before presented me with a lot of challenges. It was during a two-hour editorial intervention just before KallypsoCon 2015 kicked off in New Hampshire last October, where Ekatarina Sayanova and Rebecca Cartee reminded me that I have to tell the story I’m given and listen to the characters rather than worry about how some readers might take my one-of-a-kind happy ending. That discussion and brainstorming session led to me rewriting the book (that would be the second version for those keeping score). But by March 2016 when I was supposed to be finishing up, the story had stalled out again. This is usually a sign that I’ve taken a wrong turn. Saya once again to the rescue, along with her Sir, and they helped me see that Marc and I had Pamela incorrectly pegged as a slave. Far from it—she’s an alpha submissive (with some dominant traits of her own that won’t be surrendered) and a physician to boot as my other brainstorming buddies (Meredith Bowery, Lisa Simo-Kinzer, and Ruth Reid) showed me. Away I went and third time was the charm. With pre-conceived notions already in published books, though, I had to tread carefully and try not to contradict what was already out about their story. I think I’ve managed to do that. Once I hit my groove, the words poured out of me in under three months—to become my second-longest novel to date (surpassing Marc and Angelina’s Somebody’s Angel). Surprisingly, a lot of the scenes I’d written in the first two Roar attempts still worked with major or minor revisions, which helped.

This book deals with a subject matter none of us want to talk about much less read about in our escapist fiction. However, that’s never stopped me before! So I hope as you read about Kristoffer’s great loss and the consequences we all potentially face in this twenty-first century world that it will spark conversations between you and your loved ones before it’s too late and you or they are faced with the unthinkable.

Normally in this space, I warn those who might have triggers and share information about where they can go to find information or someone to speak with if unexpectedly triggered in one of my books. I’m not going to do that in this one because I don’t want to spoil the read for you. Kristoffer’s decisions may be controversial for some, but ultimately how can we judge what we might do in similar circumstance unless we’ve experienced it?

Roar is one man’s journey from darkness to light as he struggles to maintain his dignity and integrity while opening his heart to love again. I hope you will boldly go where no Romance has gone before. (Yes, these two are Trekkies and there will be lots of fun along the way, too!) Hang on as this book takes you on the roller-coaster read of a lifetime.

Save $1 through July 2!

Here's your next book hangover.-3


I always give my readers a discount before going to full price during the preorder period and for the first few days after release. ROAR prices will increase by $1 at all booksellers on Sunday, so grab your copy NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, JULY 2!

Then hang onto your seats because this is going to be a roller-coaster ride!


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Viking Teaser

ROAR Discussion Group on Facebook

ROAR Discussion Group-4


WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED ROAR: This book is a standalone spin-off novel from the Rescue Me Saga but has secondary characters you may be familiar with. For that reason I have decided to give it it’s own dedicated Facebook discussion group separate from the Rescue Me Saga Discussion Group. BEFORE YOU JOIN PLEASE BE AWARE: We ARE allowing spoilers here. If you want to enjoy ROAR without anyone spoiling the huge surprise I’ve tried to keep away from you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED ROAR! You aren’t going to miss anything in the discussions that won’t be there when you are ready to join in! I just want you to get slammed by the surprise the same way *I* was when I was writing it!

Click HERE when you have finished ROAR to join the discussion group!

If you’re not on Facebook, I’d love to hear what you thought about ROAR. Just e-mail me at kallypsomasters@gmail.com.

ROAR to be released June 28!

I finished the fucking book!-5

A little before 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon, ROAR was sent to the formatter’s in its FINAL form! Charlotte is busy now setting up preorders where we plan to do them. As the preorders go live, we’ll put the links here:

Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Google Play

We’re doing preorders for a June 28 release at Apple (done), Amazon (US and other countries–but out of our control), Kobo (which is having issues right now), and Google Play.

Barnes & Noble will be uploaded in time for the live release date and All Romance eBooks will go live the following Sunday, July 3.

The story is amazing–unlike any book you’ve EVER read in the Romance genre. I hope you like how I gave these two their happy ending, but I refused to take the easy, fairy-tale route.

Nobody’s Perfect FREE for a Limited Time!


Limited time only- through May 31! Book 3 in my Rescue Me Saga is ‪FREE‬ everywhere! (If you’re international, though, Amazon’s a little slow, so check out Apple or Google Play instead!) It’s a good time to add it to all of your devices. This USA Today bestseller is a 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon (with 611 reviews)–my highest rated book there! Of course, you still want to download book one (also free) and read the series in order! You can preorder NOBODY’S HERO (book 2) in the COMING HOME anthology for which all proceeds go to VETSports, so in effect get my first three books for only 99 cents!

Barnes & Noble Nook
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Please feel free to share this link with anyone you think might enjoy the Rescue Me Saga! This sale will be featured with a Bookbub Ad on May 15!