Somebody’s Perfect

Savannah escaped horrendous abuse and torture at the hands of her father and struggled to accept her happiness with Damián and their daughter. As her father’s trial for murder and kidnapping approaches, nightmares and memories of the past threaten to destroy all she has gained since her escape.

Damián knows her father will go to any lengths to destroy them. The need to protect her wars with his need to prepare her to face one last time the monster who robbed her of her childhood innocence. If anything happens to Savannah, their daughter, or their unborn child, Damián vows to finish the job he started at the desert compound where he rescued her.

READY TO GET RESCUED? In the ongoing Rescue Me Saga, the reader will be swept into a world of honor, heroism, and romance. The books in this series are not stand-alone stories and should be read in numerical order, beginning with the Masters at Arms in this combined volume. Readers will connect with each hero and heroine and be able to see them return in book after book as the saga continues. Happily Ever After is only the beginning and other people will be introduced as they choose to join this growing family.

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