At my Aug. 27 “4 Years of Eyes on Me (& my Masters)” fourth-anniversary party on Facebook, we held a contest for one of four $50 Gift Cards and asked readers to bake or cook something from the recipe bonus section in my newly released Box Set: Rescue Me Saga, Books 1-3. To be eligible for the contest, they had to post a photo of what they made next to their e-reader.

Twelve entries were eligible for the random drawing and were posted by readers in North America, Europe, and Australia! The winner was from the UK. We’ve gotten permission to post these photos along with the comments made by each person who was eligible. Get your copy of the box set and cook something up (in the kitchen–or elsewhere in the house)!


Karla’s Arista: Florentine Pork Roast
Masters at Arms & Nobody’s Angel

On Aug. 31, my hubby accepted my challenge to make Karla’s Florentine pork roast recipe. Here are the pics I took (and since I wasn’t in a contest, I didn’t include the e-reader)! As I posted on Facebook: Mr. Ray made Karla’s Arista: Florentine Pork Roast recipe from the new Rescue Me Saga box set. Smells delightful! When I said I had to post pics, he said, “What if it doesn’t taste good?” I told him you all can’t taste the pictures. LOL I think he didn’t think garlic and pork sounded like a good combo. After all the grousing he did about making it, though, we all loved it, and he’s ready to make it again!







Angelina’s Minestrone
Nobody’s Hero

Monica Stillman Minestrone



Monica S.– “Yummy! So I found two things out while cooking with these recipes. 1) I get a perverse joy out of making the food and bringing them into my office for my boss (an attorney) and 2) It’s frowned upon to be drinking the wine while cooking with it. (I make my meals in the morning).”





Tracey Lutman Minestrone


Tracey L. – “I’m making the minestrone right now and partaking in a little of the wine. (Later) OMG, me and the hubs just ate two bowls apiece…. Soooo gooood! I grated fresh Romano to put on top. I never came across this recipe for Minestrone. It’s a keeper, my husband gave it the thumbs up, and it didn’t even have any meat!”


Karla’s Peanut Butter Brownies
Masters at Arms & Nobody’s Angel

Carol Capper Karla's PB Brownies


Carol C.– “Would she (Karla) ever think they’d be made the other side of the Atlantic! Delish by the way!”





Monica Stillman Karla's PB Brownies


Monica S. – “My attorney (boss) loved the minestrone and tried taking the whole container of the peanut butter brownies to his office! These recipes are yummy and I’m looking forward to making more of them this weekend when I’m off work and have time to make some of these that take longer.”






Anne Reeths PB brownies



Anne R.– “Got my brownies done.”





Bridget Thronton Karla's PB brownies




Bridget T.– “brownies made! Not a massive fan of peanut butter so I used it sparingly.”





Karla’s Tuna Noodle Casserole
Masters at Arms & Nobody’s Angel

Da Angel Karla's Tuna Noodle Casserole


Da Angel – “Added carrots, cheese, and bread crumbs.”

Kally – “She also added handcuffs on the e-reader!”





Savannah’s Snickerdoodles (Referred to as “Cinnamon Cookies”)
Nobody’s Perfect

Latochia Bell Savannah's Snickerdoodles



Latochia B.– “I had to hurry because my little one wanted to eat them all! LOL… I think Kally scored with this recipe! And my kids get treats way too often!!!”





Denise Loupe Snickerdoodles




Denise L.– “We are enjoying a plate of snickerdoodles.”





Adam’s Cinnamon Rolls (burning them was optional)
Nobody’s Hero

Monica Stillman Cinnamon Rolls




Monica S. – “the non-burnt cinnamon rolls”





Karla’s Broccoli Casserole
Masters at Arms & Nobody’s Angel

Bridget Thornton Karla's Broccoli Casserole


Bridget T.– “It must be an american thing i think as i never heard of it until reading her books. Although anything with broccoli in it is yummy in my book.” …LATER… “It was yummy! I filled up on it and couldn’t finish my roast pork or pots which is almost unheard of!”

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  1. The update on your website is awesome! I love this fun page and really enjoyed looking at all the photos of my fellow brats’ recipes. What fun!

    1. Thanks, Treini! My designer did a great job! And I love this page, too. And the latest news page. And the In Progress one. I guess I need to post a new Fun Stuff posts this week, too!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Ohhh will have to purchase the box set for more than wanting….No needing… to read books (reader) 2 and 3. The brownies, oh my.

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